How to Cope With Flooding Periods / Heavy Periods / Menorrhagia

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

How to Cope With Flooding Periods / Heavy Periods / Menorrhagia

Flooding Heavy Periods can be really debilitating. Not only can you feel drained and become anaemic but you also feel limited to where you can go when you feel at risk of leaking after an hour.  A number of our team all struggle with flooding due to medical conditions or that wonderful peri-menopause!  Between us we have tried many options and have come up with some practical solutions instead of being tied to the toilet!
When you have flooding or heavy periods one defence barrier is not enough, reinforcements and backups are required! We attack flooding as a three prong attack! 

Step 1. Internal protection.
We recommend a menstrual cup rather than a tampon not for environmental reasons but because cups hold more than tampons!  Check out our menstrual cup comparison chart, the chart can be sorted by capacity. One of the favourite for our team is the Merula cup which has the highest capacity and is well known for being great for heavy periods. The MeLuna Classic XL is another very popular high capacity choice.  A Menstrual cup being the first flood barrier was life changing for our ladies who suffered with flooding,  even if you’ve never got on with tampons you should really give them a go they are really going to increase your flood defence capacity.

Step 2
Your menstrual cup (or tampon) will need the back up of a sanitary pad.  A backup pad isn’t normally required for “average” periods but for heavy periods we want you protected and not worrying about leaks.   The pad could be disposable or reusable but we’d recommend reusable as reusable are more comfortable but also super absorbent.  The best fabrics for reusable pads to deal with flooding periods are minky or bamboo velour, we have a selection of high capacity pads designed for nights/post partum but if you flood they can be used in the day as well.  Some favourites of the team are Red Rags, Mini Vivi, Eco Rainbow.

Step 3
Period Pants!  These are your final flood barrier and ideally aren’t going to have to deal with any blood as your first two defences are absorbing everything however the absorbency of the period pant is there just in case!  We stock a big range of period pants, the Cheeky Mama are nice economical while still absorbent options,  Wuka are fabulous quality but more expensive or Flux while a little lower absorbency they are slimmer especially the cheeky invisible Flux range.  Which ever you choose they will be comfortable, absorbent while looking just like any normal everyday pants. No one will ever know they are really period pants.

This three level of defence is going to give you the best protection.   For very heavy periods you’ll still be changing frequently but will be free from leaks risk. This method freed one of our ladies from changing every hour on the hour and suffering leaks to changing every 2 hours and she was always leak free.  If you need any help working out the right combination for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Written by Wendy Top Cat @ The Period Lady

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