Menstrual Cups V Menstrual Discs

Friday, 26 February 2021

Menstrual Cups V Menstrual Discs

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Menstrual Cups V Menstrual Discs which one is for you. Compare your two options below.


  • Both collect menstrual blood
  • Both sit in the vaginal canal
  • Both can be worn for up to 8 hours
  • You can insert them before your period starts
  • Both are made from medical grade materials


  • The main difference between cups and discs and is how they fit in the vagina. A cup sits in the vaginal canal below the cervix. A disc fits back into the vaginal fornix behind the cervix.
  • The size, shape and removal are very difference. You may find a disc more difficult if you have a very low cervix.
  • Cups can be folded in many different ways, a disc is folded by pinching the rim together and inserting lengthways.
  • Cups are more structured where are discs have a more flexible body with a firmer rim.
  • Cups are easier for mess free emptying, discs are a bit more fiddly and therefore potentially messy
  • Cups are not suitable to be worn during sex
  • Discs are well known for their mess free period sex (but it's advised to empty it first)
  • Discs don't create a suction


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