Reusables Out & About

Saturday, 10 October 2020

This is one of the questions we get asked the most. Don’t stress the solution is simple, use a small wet/dry bag. We have lots of options for storage on the go in our accessories storage section.  Whenever you’re at work out in a public toilet have a small bag that one side keeps your clean menstual pads and the other separate compartment has your used pads. Bags come a in variety of colours and look like fun make up bags.   If

If you use period pants these hold more than tampons and more than some pads so again you might not need to change these while out and about.  However if you do need to change while out and above again just have a wet bag for keeping them in just the same as you would for pads.  Depending on your size and style of your period pants you may need a slightly bigger bag for bigger pants. For example Flux Undies Invisble period pants range are very slim, whereas Wuka High Waisted period pants give higher coverage so are bigger overall.

If you use a menstrual cup you rarely really need storage as you would just empty the cup give it a wipe and reinsert.  Each menstrual cup comes with a little cotton bag that you can store your cup in when it's not being used.   Personally if i'm expecting my period to start any day I insert my cup in the morning just in case rather than carry it with me. This is completely different to using tampons which can't be used before your period starts. Read more about this added benefit of menstrual cups in our article "Can I Put My Menstrual Cup In Before My Period Starts."


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