Fern CSP Heavy
Fern CSP Heavy
Fern CSP Heavy

Fern CSP Heavy

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Heavy Day
33cm x 10cm
Which Way Up?
White Side Up
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  • Heavy Flow
  • Perfect for heaviest days
  • Night time Protection

Fern Heavy Product Overview

The Fern Heavy Pad shape provides maximum protection where you need it most whilst remaining super slim. 

I absolutely adore the Fern menstural pad range, they are one of my all time favourites!  I love how super slim they are and they are just wonderfully soft, I live in a hard water area and even after regular washing the top layer remains soft against my skin.  The panty liners are slim enough for everyday use and also are a great option for light incontinence leaks so are a great backup for those just in case of sneezes with a full bladder moments!

The Fern Heavy Pad simply snaps into place around your underwear gusset.


Size 33x10cm

Which way up?

White side up

Fern Features

  • Waterproof back
  • Anti-slip design
  • Snap closing
  • Super soft
  • Super slim
  • Super absorbent


Fern Heavy Cloth Pad has has 2 layers of super absorbent super soft bamboo fleece and a layer of organic cotton with a tearproof back and wings. 

The absorbent core is made up of a blend of 100% GOTs certified fabrics.  

Fabrics tested to Oeko-Tex 100 standard to insure they are safe and gentle to skin.

Did you know?

The average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, pantyliners, and tampons in her lifetime. Within these products are plastics and chemicals which can be harmful to us and our planet.

If you suffer with incontinence leaks read our article "Pads for urinary incontinence."

Customer Reviews (3)
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3 Reviews:

Thin but an odd shape
25 November 2021  | 

I find the shape of these a bit odd, maybe I am just wearing them the wrong way round. The way i a wearing there is a little tag at the front which can be itchy, and the larger end at the back folds oddly. That said they are nice and thin, and i haven't had any issues with absobancy.

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26 October 2021  | 

These pads are so soft and lightweight, and they have stayed this way despite wearing and washing several times. They are very long and so I usually only use them overnight.

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Great for nights
04 September 2021  | 

I love these- I ordered one to try then ordered another one after trying it out. They’re so thin so great for me as I don’t like the feel of a chunky pad. I use them at night even in the heaviest part of my period and they last all night. They’re comfortable, absorbent and fit well round the big comfy pants I like to wear during my period (M&S midi). They also have a tighter setting for narrower pants.

The designs are gorgeous. However, they do stain even though I rinse them thoroughly with cold water straight after use and wash them within 48 hours which is why I’ve taken a star off. I’d love a darker option that disguises stains better.

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