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Baba+Boo Mini Wet Bag

13 x 18cm
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Baba+Boo Mini Wet Bag Overview

Baba+Boo Mini Wet Bags are a lovely and small wetbag and specially are designed for storing your cloth sanitary pads (CSP) or a menstrual cup when you're out and about.


13 x 18cm and will hold approx three medium pads or two large / XL reusable sanitary pads.

Features you'll love of the Baba and Boo Wet Bags

  • A handle so it can hang on doors or hooks
  • Zipper fastening
  • Waterproof lining

Baba and Boo Wet Bags

Wet bags are designed to keep wetness in, but they won't tolerate being soaked. If you use them for something really wet (like rinsed, unwrung CSP, very wet wipes) then they will wick moisture.

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