Menstrual Products Incentive Schemes

Some councils are starting menstrual product incentive schemes. These schemes aim to raise awareness and encourage you to use reusable menstrual products instead of disposables to address period poverty and reduce the environmental impact of period products.

These schemes help towards the cost of reusable sanitary period products. Below is a list of the reusable period products scheme we're aware of and details of what we believe they offer.

England Local Authorities

Buckinghamshire - £10 voucher redeemable to purchase products at The Period Lady - How To Redeem Your Voucher

Hertfordshire- 15% off sanitary products at The Period Lady  Full Details Here  Hertfordshire also offer a scheme for reusable nappies.

Cost of Living Crisis

A report by phs found that one in 14 girls said that “they have missed schools as they could not afford menstrual products or access period products.” A report published in July found that period poverty got worse in the last year as the cost of living, loss of work and so on hit many families.

Reusable products such as reusable period pads, menstrual cups, period pants all go to help towards period equity.

We know that many young people could be having their first period in primary school: as the years go on, menstruation is starting at an earlier age, putting further pressure on hard working families for longer so these menstrual hygiene products are absolutely essential.

Many reusables go on to last for many years, a cup can last up to 10 years giving the person freedom from the monthly cost of disposable pads and tampons to manage their menstrual cycle. These period product scheme 's and especially the free period products incentive vouchers are really important and make a big difference to lives of women and girls.

New Schemes

If you are a council looking to start a scheme The Period Lady would love to hear from you and help you set up your scheme. The Period Lady offers an extensive product range of reusable pads, period pads, cups and pants, your residents can get all the free advice they need and the suitable products from our store what ever their cycle. We specialise in helping those with heavy periods, menopause and teenagers starting out.