Medium Flow Period Pants

Medium Flow Pants are for your average days in your cycle. They tend to be the most popular range of period pants.

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Medium Flow Period Underwear

Most of supply of period underwear is likely to be in medium flow. This covers most days in your cycle and often night times towards the end of your cycle. If you have heavy periods these may only be suitable for the end of your cycle and definitely not on heavy flow days or the first couple of days. Available in a wide range of UK size options.

Each pair of medium flow pants tend to absorb approx the equivalent of 3 tampons worth but check each product for exact comparisons. They can also be used to protect for light leaks.

Period pants have a soft moisture wicking top layer to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. The absorbent breathable mid layers lock in your period flow and keep you leak free. You'll never need disposable pads or tampons ever again, have an eco friendly period.


Medium flow is available across many of the style of period knickers. Whatever you'll preference high waist, bikini, boy you'll find one for you. Period pants are made to look like regular underwear.

Wuka period pants were one of the first brands and make their pants with fabric from the better cotton initiative but now there are many more brands just as ethical including Nora, Love Luna and Saalt.


Rinse your period pants with cold water after wearing, store until wash day. Wash on a long 40 deg cycle with your regular detergent and no fabric softener.  Line dry and air dry is best for longevity rather than tumble dry.

Use alone or as back up

Wear the period pants on their own or as back up for menstrual cups, discs, pads or tampons.