All About Cloth Sanitary Pads (CSP)

Thursday, 6 May 2021
Menstrual Products Advice Service

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Monday, 8 February 2021
How to Care & Wash Reusable Sanitary Pads

Washing your reusable sanitary wear is very simple. Store, rinse cycle, 40deg wash and then dry. In this article I explain the simple steps you need to take to keep your pads in great condition.

Saturday, 6 February 2021
How Many Pads Do You Need?

This really varies woman to woman. It depends on length of your cycle, how heavy you are and how your flow varies across the month.

Monday, 21 December 2020
How Long Do Cloth Pads Last?

I'm going to look at two aspects: how long you can wear your pads in hours but secondly how many years they are likely to last. How long pads last depend on a number of things.

2 commentsSunday, 20 December 2020
Reusable Sanitary Pad Fabrics

Reusable pads come in a variety of fabrics so there will be a pad for you no matter your requirements. We stock pads made of cotton, bamboo, hemp and synthetic fabrics. The drying speed and absorbency will vary depending on the fabric used.

Thursday, 17 December 2020
Disposable V Cloth Menstrual Pads

Both types of sanitary pad do the same job to absorb menstrual blood however there are some key differences and pros and cons to each. Material differences, fastening options, breathability,comfort...

Tuesday, 1 December 2020
Using Cloth Reusable Pads Post Partum

At the period lady we have different types of CSP specifically designed to be used for lochia. When we consider what pads we need for the post partum phase the most important factor is fast
absorbency, high capacity and covers a large surface area for the first few days.