Heavy Reusable Pads

Our heavy reusable sanitary pad range are for those with a heavy flow period and nights. The heavy flow pads are larger than our day pads and offer higher absorbency

Heavy Flow Reusable Sanitary Pads

This is our collection of best reusable sanitary pads for your heavy flow days and nights. A super absorbent reusable sanitary pad is often made of cotton, organic cotton or even bamboo. They absorb even the fastest blood flow, lock it away and keep you feeling dry and importantly leak free. Reusable sanitary pads can also be used for light incontinence leaks, they will not hold a full wee but help with exercise leaks.

They are soft, comfortable and ultra reliable, they'll complete change how you feel about periods. Once you switch to reusable pads you'll wonder why you ever used disposable pads or tampons.

Reusable pads fasten in place with poppers to prevent any movement of your pad.

Best reusable sanitary pads

We stock a wide variety of heavy flow pads. The Nora reusable sanitary pad is an exceptional range of high quality made right here in the UK. Imse Vimse are one of the original brands who have been making cloth pads since before they were cool! Both of these well known brands make excellent heavy flow sanitary pads.


Rinse the pads after use in cold water, store in a bag until wash day, wash on a long 40deg wash with your regular detergent and no fabric softener. Air dry.

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