Reusable Tampons

Reusable tampons work just like a disposable tampon. A reusable tampon absorbs well, is comfortable to use but are also natural, no hidden nasties, organic cotton and environmentally friendly

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Reusable Tampons

Reusable tampons sometimes called cloth tampons are made of organic cotton, they come in a variety of absorbencies  and absorb menstrual blood, match your reusable tampon to your menstrual flow.

Reusable tampons are part of the extensive range of reusable period products, plastic free, now available in the UK.

How Do You Use Them?

Each tampon has a string attached at one end, you roll your tampon up towards the string, which you then wrap round and secure with a single knot, making removal easy with the string.

Tampons work in the same way as disposable tampons - but without the waste!

Have an eco friendly period.

Imse Vimse - Organic Cotton Tampons

Imse Vimse reusable tampons are the market leader in reusable tampons. Imse Vimse have been making a wide range for many years. Imse tampons do not contain any harsh chemicals and are made of organic cotton.

How Often To Change?

Insert the reusable tampon just like you would a normal tampon.

Change your tampon every 4-5 hours or when the tampon is getting full and needs changing.

Full instructions are included in every pack.


You can use a cloth tampon for any activity but we recommend inserting a new tampon before exercising.

Care & Washing

Rinse in cold water (hot water sets stains) and keep in a wet bag.

Wash in a mesh washing bag along with the rest of your laundry.

After washing the tampons, boil them in water for a few minutes to get rid of any washing powder residues.

Do not use any bleach or softener.

After they are washed ideally air dry.


Please note: 100% cotton, washable, reusable tampons can still cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome) just as store bought disposable tampons can.

If reusable tampons aren't for you then consider reusable pads, a menstrual cup or period underwear.