Period swimwear is perfect if you want to still go swimming or into the swimming pool when you have your period. Period proof swimwear means you never miss out on exercise or fun at a waterpark due to your period. Ideal for teenagers as well who may not have confidence to use a tampon or menstrual cup but need period protection for swimming.

Period Swimwear

Period swimwear looks like a normal swimming costume or bikini briefs but really they are period leak proof swimwear, no one will ever know you're on your period. Period swimwear holds up to three tampons worth.

Period swimwear will become a key part of your period underwear collection of period products.  The period swimming costume great choice for swimming clubs or school lessons. You will feel confident wearing your period swimsuit uk, the menstrual blood is absorbed into the absorbent but thin layer in the gusset.

There are no sanitary pads for swimming. Your only choices are internal protection on period swimming costumes.

Period Swimwear Designed for Light Days

Period swimwear works to prevent leaks but it must only be used on light to medium flow days or with a light period. On your heavy flow days consider using a menstrual cup or tampon and then your period swimming costume or period swim bikini bottoms will be your back up for leak proof swimming.

Period proof swimwear absorbs period blood and can hold up to 4 tampons worth.

We are Period Swimwear UK stockists,  we stock the most reliable and best period panties for swimming.

Period Swimsuits

Period swimsuits and period swim shorts come in a variety of sizes and styles. Love Luna make a period swimming costume for teens and adults. Cheeky Period Proof Swimwear also make a full swimming costume. The original swim period pants were made by Wuka and are still a best seller.

Wuka Period Swimwear

Wuka swimwear will cope with your period flow on your light flow to medium flow days but not heavy flow. Wuka are the market leaders in period pants.Wuka stocks some of the best period swimwear.

Teens and Tweens Period Swim Wear

Period proof swimwear is popular for teenagers for their first period. Either use the full swimming costume or the swim bikini bottoms with their favourite bikini top as it looks just like a normal swimming costume and is super flattering, no need for them to miss out on water fun. Ideal for school swimming pool lessons. Girls period swimwear looks like normal swimwear.