Lumma make menstrual cups and menstrual discs. Lumma is a fabulous brand that makes a product suitable for everybody. Lumma Discs are also the only ones with a cord to make removal easier.

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When It's Gone It's Gone
Lumma Menstrual Cups Short
When It's Gone It's Gone
Lumma Menstrual Cup Medium

Lumma for a leak free period

Goodbye pads and tampons Lumma Cups is the new concept of menstrual period. All Lumma menstrual products are made of medical grade silicone.

Lumma Reusable Menstrual Disc

Lumma disc comes in three sizes so you can find your perfect fit and capacity. Unlike menstrual cups which sits in the vaginal canal the Lumma menstrual disc sits higher behind the pubic bone. Lumma menstrual discs allow for mess free period sex. The disc comes with a silicone string for easy removal.

As menstrual discs only hold menstrual fluid rather than absorb it as traditional tampons do, the menstrual disc will not dry yoru vaginal canal.

Lumma menstrual cups

Lumma cups come in a vast range of sizes and capacities from thimble size small to "buckets!" The Lumma menstrual cups range is unbeatable. The round disc shape comforms to the shape of your body and holds your menstrual flow until you're ready to empty your cup.

Lumma Disc UK Stockist

The Period Lady was the first company to discs to the UK including bringing Lumma menstrual disc uk.