Mesara reusable cloth pads are topped with a soft stay dry fabric and are made by the renown Mother-ease nappy brand.

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Mesara Reusable Cloth Pads

Mesara Reusable Cloth Pads offer the utmost performance in comfort, containment and absorbency, for all your menstrual and incontinence needs! The reusable cloth pads are made of the same high quality fabrics that Mother-ease make the exceptional high quality reusable nappies from. The Mesara range is perfect from light incontinence to heavy menstrual flow.

Mesara Pad Features

Mesara pads have a slim shape, exclusive microfibre core for unbeatable absorbency, exceptional pul cover fabric to stop liquid soacking through and wick resistant nylon binding. The pads all fasten with slim metal poppers. The two snap metal closure keep the pads secure where you need them and prevent them moving around.

Mesara Panty Liner

The Mesara reusable panty liner has a very slim shape and is ideal for daily use through out the month, as a back up for a menstrual cup or disc or very light flow days. Consider it to be a gusset replacement so you can freshen up throughout the day.

Hour glass shape

The Mesara complete is a high absorbency regular pad, the cloth pad that is made in an hourglass shape for comfort.

Mesara Ultimate Pad

If you need even higher maximum absorbency and maximum protection then look to the Mesara Ultimate Sanitary pad which offers maximum protection in a elastic contoured pad to fit your body shape.

What Mesara pads are made from ?

Mesara pads are made of the same materials as Mother-ease cloth nappies.

Fabric Composition Surface: Stay Dry,

100% polyester Core: microfiber,

100% polyester Exterior: PUL (polyurethane laminate)

Mesara Wet Bag

Mesara also make other reusable pad products including a very handy reusable pad wet bag for storing your cloth pads when on the go.

Family Owned Company

Made in Canada by Mother-ease a family owned and run company.