Nixit Menstrual discs are a a round silicone reusable disc that collects blood. Unlike menstrual cups it doesn’t use suction to stay in but sits behind the public bone. A menstrual disc is ideal for mess free period sex. 

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Nixit Menstrual Discs

A Nixit Menstrual disc is made of medical grade silicone and the cup sits in the vaginal canal under the pubic bone where is collects menstrual fluid.

Unlike a menstrual cup a Nixit disc does not use suction to say in place or your pelvic muscles, once in place behind your pubic bone you will not feel it.

A Nixit reusable menstrual disc is often used for period sex as it stores period blood high in the vagina.

Reusable menstrual Cups and reusable discs have a few key differences but both period products can be used without increased risks of toxic shock syndrome, they are a healthy menstrual tool to collect blood.

Once in the correct position even though the Nix disc has a higher capacity than a bigger menstrual cup you will not be able to feel it. Nixit holds more than a super tampon making a disc suitable whatever your menstrual flow.