Heavy Flow Period Pants

Heavy Flow Period Underwear

These are the best period pants for heavy periods. They have been designed with more capacity that medium flow pants are are great for heavier days or overnight.

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What are Period Underwear?

Also known as period pants, period panties, period proof underwear or reusable period pants. They look like regular underwear but are designed to absorb period flow. It always surprises people how they absorbed fluid efficiently. They can be worn for up to 8 hours a day and is a great alternative to disposable period products like tampons and pads. Can be used for days, nights and long shifts, i've used them on a long haul flights. They come in different absorbencies and cover a large size range. The heavy pants can be found here on this page. They are also available in Light Flow, Medium flow, Super Heavy Flow.

Heavy Flow

People often think that as soon as you say heavy flow they are only going to be big high waisted pants but we also offer lower cut classic bikini style, hipsters and Midi period pants but still offer heavy flow protection. However remember due to their larger capacity whatever the cut there is going to be greater padding due to the absorbent layers so these won't be as discrete under tight clothing as lower levels of protection and are more likely to leave a visible panty line or VPL.

Heavy Flow reusable pants hold many tampons worth of blood but don't worry about feeling wet as the pants come with moisture wicking top layer. If you have exceptionally heavy periods you can use them as extra protection along with other period products such as cups, discs or tampons.

How to wash period pants?

Its simple! Rinse your period underwear in cold water once you have removed them, then pop them in the wash at the end of your period with detergent but no fabric softener. Ideally air dry and only use tumble drying occassionally. We have a more detailed wash guideline that you can read .