Yuuki are well rated menstrual cups. It is well known for it's firm classic menstrual cup.

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Yuuki Menstrual Cup Range

Yuuki Classic cup is a very firm cup, and is generally considered to be the firmest cups. Very popular for sports and for people with a stronger pelvic floor. It opens easily due to it's firmness.

Yukki Cup also make a Yuuki soft cup but we'd class this as a medium firm cup compared to other brands.

Yukki is a very well rated cup from the Czech Republic.

Size Options

Yuuki cups come in two sizes both with different cup length. Remember your cup's total capacity is up to the air holes so make sure you compare this capacity when comparing cups.

The sizes are regular / large and small cup. The smaller cup has a lower capacity and is more popular with young girls.

The regular large cup is suitable for those who have given birth and women with a regular sex life and women over the age of 28.

The Yukki cups have a stem. The stem length can be trimmed to match your personal requirements so if the total length is longer than you need don't worry the cup can easily be altered.

Free From...

Yuuki cup does not contain dyes or phthalates and is made of medical grade silicone.

Eco Friendly Period

The quality is excellent and will give you many years of use, saving lots of disposable pad and tampon waste and money.