Labia Pads

Labia pads are small leaf-shaped absorbent cloth pieces that are placed between the outer labia. Interlabial pads can help direct heavy gushy flows.

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Labia Pads

Interlabial pads are comfortable and adaptable and designed to be worn against the skin.

Labial pads are are perfect for directing menstrual flow or as a ‘booster', adding a bit of extra capacity if you have heavy periods. They can be used as a back up for a menstrual cup, tampon or menstrual disc. They can also help as a little additional safety pad for very mild bladder leaks. I even know people who use a pad to absorb boob sweat! They have so many uses!


They are made from the same materials as other sanitary pad options. They are very thin as they are not designed to be the main absorption of your menstrual flow.

How to use them

Interlabial pads, fold lengthwise and pop between your labia (like a ‘wedgie'!) close to the entrance of your vagina. Leave a couple of cm at the front to remove it when you go to the toilet.


An interlabial pad is very small while you can wash them with your normal reusable cloth sanitary pads it's highly recommmended that you store them in a wash bag and wash them in a small mesh laundry bag so they don't get lost or stuck in your washing machine filter.


Interlabial pads are quite a niche product so there are not many brands that make them. Imse Vimse are the most well known brand and make beautiful quality pads. Imse Labia pads come in a range of colours the most popular is pink halo and we sell them singly so you can cheaply try them out.