Fleurcup might be a budget friendly menstrual cup but you can be reassured it's made safely in France to the highest of safety standards. No fancy packaging just your cup.

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Fleurcup Menstrual Cup Overview

The Fleurcup is a basic round cup with a ridged stem which can be trimmed for comfort or even removed completely. Fleurcup has a "peach skin" texture inside and out for easy insertion, removal and cleaning. It is soft to the touch. The curve design of the cup makes it smooth and comfortable to wear. 

Fleurcup is designed so that each size offers the highest capacity with the minimum dimensions.  The holes are nearer the rim of the cup than some others which helps to increase it's capacity. The 4 air holes are designed for easy removal and to enable efficient cleaning.  The Fleurcup is made without printed writing either inside or out to ensure easy cleaning.

The ridges on the stem are more raised than some other cups which makes it easy to grip but some people also find they can feel this more. If the ridges bother you the whole stem can be cut off completely. The stem is a single unit with no difficult to access areas which again makes cleaning super easy.