Baba & Boo

Baba and Boo are one of our most popular economy reusable sanitary pads. Budget friendly but also highly absorbent menstrual pads.

Baba and Boo Reusable Pads

Baba & Boo cloth sanitary pads are made of three layers. The top liner of comfortable, staydry, super-soft fleece layer, sits closest to your body and keeps you feeling dry.

Then the fleece layer which wicks into the inner middle absorbent layer rapidly absorbs menstrual blood or bladder leaks.

The hidden breathable waterproof layer keeps you leak free.

Each pad secures with poppers that fasten underneath your underwear gusset. The poppers keep the pad firmly in place.

Reusable Sanitary Pads are so much more comfortable than disposable sanitary towels or tampons, once you try them you'll wonder why you didn't switch to reusables earlier.

Best Sellers

Baba + Boo are our best selling reusable sanitary pads. Economical, comfortable and reliable. Baba + Boo Reusable Pads are excellent against leaks.

Reusable Sanitary Pad Sizes

Baba and Boo reusable sanitary pads come in three sizes. The most popular are medium and large. These are ideal for your regular, heavy or super heavy days. They can be used for post partum as well.


How to wash

Rinse in cold water to prevent staining to your reusable sanitary pad, wash up to 40deg using your regular detergent and no fabric softener. For drying avoid direct heat such as a radiator or tumble drier instead air dry is best.