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No doubt anymore
Tuesday, 22 February 2022  |  Mandy

I bought these for my young niece who had recently started period and is having swimming lessons
She didnít want to miss out, so I bought a pair of these for her
She still learning whatís heavy / moderate and light ....... I am from the old school so use sanitary towels so I was pessimistic about the value and usage ....... she wore them
I was more paranoid and aware so constantly keeping an eye out for leaks running down the leg etc
But nothing and she was as comfortable as can be and it was me over thinking!!
She wore the swim short under her regular swimming One piece costume
Defo recommend for anyone who is skeptic ....... shake dont do heavy / moderate for that added protection
I am a convert and planning to get the period pants!

Rigid cup
Wednesday, 16 February 2022  |  Rachael

I bought this after having a baby as I needed a different (shorter) fit.
The cup is more rigid that others that I've used in the past and I found that it meant I could feel it at times while in use.
The smaller volume for me is not ideal, however the fit is easy and with no leaks. I can confidently use this while swimming, on the trampoline or playing other sports. The more rigid structure means the cup is more easily supported by a pelvic floor that may be less than the ideal strength, but the pay off for this is reduced comfort.
This won't be my go-to cup as I find it less comfortable and it doesn't last as long as others, but I will happily use for sports or as a spare.

Great value for money
Thursday, 3 February 2022  |  Carolina

Super comfortable, super absorvent. Not sure I want to go back to pads!

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