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Saturday, 30 July 2022  |  Claudia

I have used regular menstrual cups for a while and had accepted that they were as good as it was going to get: my diva cup always tended to leak at night, and pushed on my urethra so much that peeing was a right pain! But still miles better than tampons/pads/other disposable things.
I heard about the Nixit disk from the comments on a YouTube video about hiking/backpacking, and it looked like a much better option.
The Nixit disk is like a next-level menstrual cup. Once it is in I don't feel it at all. I actually have to set a timer for every 12 hours otherwise I will forget to take it out. And zero leaking, 100% safe even at night. I feel completely confident every time I wear it.
Putting it in is more of a faff than with a cup. Sometimes it is really easy, done in less than 30 seconds, but sometimes my cervix has moved to an annoying place which means it gets hooked on the underside of the disk (meaning obvs no blood will be caught) and I have to try several more times to get it in the right place. This is why I have knocked off one star, but maybe that is not fair? since it is the fault of my body not the product really.
Either way I cannot recommend Nixit highly enough, my partner is really bored listening to me bang on about how good it is.

Excellent process
Friday, 29 July 2022  |  Mr

Nice item , as advertised , prompt delivery . Thank you

My favourite
Wednesday, 13 July 2022  |  Kirsty

I tried these as part of a trial pack, and they were far and away my favourite. They were the best in terms of staying put whilst running around after a toddler, and the most comfortable. I never felt damp or uncomfortable or in danger of leaking- which I did feel with other brands. I did find they stained slightly, despite my attempts to rinse in cold water and soak, but hanging in sunlight helps, and it is a very slight stain. This is definitely the brand I will be buying a set of.

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