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The Period Lady

The Period Lady sells reusable menstrual products which are all fully washable. Disposable sanitary products generate large amounts of rubbish which is plastic waste and often ends up in our oceans. The Period Lady specialises in eco friendly reusable sanitary products, we offer a huge array of reusable period products, including those made of organic cotton.

You will find the perfect reusable period product for you on The Period Lady UK site that you will absolutely love and generate zero waste and zero plastic waste for many years to come. No one loves their single use period products but you'll love our plastic free alternatives.

Love the planet, help your environment and have a plastic free period with help from The Period Lady

Reusable Sanitary Pads

The Period Lady offers genuine environmentally friendly alternatives such as cloth sanitary pads. There is a vast range of cloth pads, you will find a sanitary pad to match your needs to matter how high or low the absorbency level of pad you need. Reusable period pads come in a variety of fabrics. Reusable pads come in options for fast heavy flow as well as your lighter days. Reusable menstrual pads are available with staydry top layer to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Natural materials such as super soft organic cotton reusable period pads which are ideal if you are very sensitive. Once you try reusable sanitary pads you will never want to use disposable pads again. Reusable period pads are much softer, cooler and more breathable than disposable pads plus they keep you leak free without the need for harmful chemicals.

Washing Reusable Sanitary Pads

It is very easy to wash and care for reusable sanitary pads. Rinse your reusable period pads in cold water, wash in your machine and then ideally air dry. You can tumble dry most reusable period pads on cool. Rinsing in cold water helps to minimise stains setting on your reusable pads.

Type of Reusable Sanitary Pads

All types of period pads are made in reusable sanitary pads varieties. There are:

Reusable Period Daily reusable liners some as small as gussets and some larger for greater daily panty liner coverage.

Reusable Period Day pads or regular flow pads are for your average daily medium flow days.

Reusable Period Night pads offering higher absorbency for longer wear time. Night pads are often longer and wider to give you larger coverage and a longer leak free wear time.

Plus Reusable post partum pads with the very highest protection and absorbency, reusable pads are so much more comfortable for you after giving birth, treat yourself to some special soft, absorbent and gentle reusable period pads.

The Period Lady also offers other pads such as reusable period pads such as tanga, thong or labia pads. Whatever your need we will have the reusable period pads for you.

Brands of Reusable Period Pads

Eco femme are a leading brand of reusable period products especially period pads, Eco femme are great quality, super soft organic cotton period pads and help provide work for women in their community. Eco Femme reusable period pads come in a whole range of absorbencies including light flow, medium flow to extra heavy flow, there are reusable pads to suit every flow including night pads plus are made for organic cotton. For every pack of period pads sold pads are donated to girls in Africa.

Period Pants - Reusable Sanitary Protection

Period pants looks just like normal pants however reusable period pants are absorbent so you wear these instead of separate period protection. Period pants are very popular with teenagers for the eco friendly credentials, super soft and discrete fit. For those with exceptionally heavy periods adding reusable pads inside their reusable period pants can give them the ultimate back up and reassurance they need.

Menstrual Cups

We also stock a large range of menstrual cups which are sometimes called period cups. The Mooncup is the most well known menstrual cup.

Menstrual Discs

Menstrual discs which offer  a large capacity and also allow mess free sex.

Period Poverty

Using reusable period products helps to end period poverty. Once you've bought or been given reusable menstural products you'll be set for many years. Menstrual cups can last up to 10 years. Menstrual pads can last a similar time, MiniVivi actually have a lifetime guarantee, such amazing value for money. So save money as well as having a plastic free period. Imagine how many menstrual products you'd have to buy and would end up discarded in the environment over ten years