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Nora Pantyliner

Nora Pantyliner

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Amazing tampons, great absorbency and really comfortable to use, recommend to all
Sunday, 27 June 2021  |  Angela

Product sent to try free as part of being an ambassador.
These are super comfortable and really absorbent. As a swimmer I need something which allows me to go swimming with peace of mind. I've recently struggled with the comfort of cups and so reusable tampons have been an absolute saving grace for me. Comfort wise I love them. Honestly never felt it once inside. Because they are soft I would say even more comfortable than disposable solid tampons too. These are really absorbent and I want to say it reduces blood loss somehow (no scientific evidence) but it didn't seem as saturated as if I wore a cup or disposable tampon in comparison. No leaks. First time I used them I did the string too short which was frustrating to remove, however second time onwards no problems whatsoever. Came out swimmingly, and really comfortably. Again a huge positive particularly if someone struggles with cup removal (there are articles on TPL though to help if you want).
Being absolutely honest in my review, these tampons do stain which is my only issue with them. They really should be black or another colour which isn't white. I washed as per the period lady washing instructions.
It also has the potential to have the ick factor similar to that of cups for those who dislike menstrual fluid in that you remove it and will need to unravel to rinse and touch (as a midwife this does not phase me in the slightest, but I do know some people this might do). If you keep it together (I did one each way) and Cold rinse and wash it doesn't remove stains or clean as well, so definitely unravel before washing. But both ways washing stained for me. Again not something I am bothered about, particularly as these will last for up to 10 years and they will only be for my own use.

Favourite CSP
Thursday, 24 June 2021  |  Bethan

These are lovely and slim, and the PUL is gorgeous. I find them less slippery than Baba and Boo csp. I also like that one end is slightly longer from the tabs in the middle - I wear the longer part at the front. The top is lovely and soft, and absorbent. I would have preferred the organic fleece to be dark grey, but after a few uses they still look like new with no staining, so I'm very impressed. I will be buying more of these!

Great csp for a great price.
Thursday, 24 June 2021  |  Bethan

They are very attractive and slim, and I find them absorbent enough to wear for a few hours mid-cycle. However, the pul is slippery, and I have noticed them sliding around the gusset - so I wouldn't say I am confident in no leaks when wearing them. I also don't like how big the tabs are around the gusset - I think they are partly why they slip. However, the slimness and the low price makes them great csp to add to your csp stash, especially if you aren't out and about in case the fit needs adjusting!!

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