Advantages of Using Period Pants

1 commentSunday, 20 December 2020

Period Pants are rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most preferred choices for menstrual protection. They are both a great alternative to cloth sanitary pads (CSP) and menstrual cups, but they can also be used in conjunction with both giving you even greater protection and reliability. 

So why do we love them?


Many period pants offer front to back absorbency and the absorbent material can cover a much greater area than that of a pad. This gives fantastic reliability and leak free sanitary protection option. 


As the absorbency is sewn in, you aren’t adding anything to your underwear. This means that there is no chance of any pads etc slipping or moving around and no pads bunching up either. 


Switching to period pants can save on average 1200 disposable pads from landfill.

With many period pants offering front to back absorbency period underwear can make a great reliable and leak free sanitary protection option.

Wide range of absorbencies 

Period pants come in different designs and absorbencies. At one end of the scale we have the very low absorbency Flux Undies Invisible Thong which would be for the last few days of your period or if you have light spotting. At the other end of the scale WUKA Midi Heavy Briefs which hold the equivalent of 4 tampons. It's common to have different pants for different stages of your period. 

Ideal for sports 

Period Pants are also popular for sports for light incontinence. The Cheeky Mama Feeling Sporty look just like normal pants but give great absorbency. The Flux Undies Invisible Cheeky are a personal favourite for working out in as they are so thin you don't have a thick VPL line. 

Forget you’ve got your period 

They feel like normal underwear. Many users say that one of the biggest reasons that they love them is that they don’t feel like they are wearing anything extra or that they are even wearing period protection.

Simple to use

They are incredibly easy and quick to change. 

Never get caught out by your period 

For those unsure days when you think you might need protection but aren’t sure, period pants give you that confidence without the need to feel like you’re wearing anything but underwear. 

Pretty Period Pants 

Period pants are available in a huge range of sizes and styles meaning that you don’t have to wear your super big pants just because you are on your period. Some are even lacy and pretty too.


The initial outlay may look more expensive than CSP and cups but compared to the cost of disposable options period underwear is a no brainer. For this calculation we have used WUKA period underwear for comparison.

For an average flow most people need about 5-7 pairs of period pants. This gives an approximate initial outlay of £103. 

Disposable products cost an average of £10 per month x 12 = £120.

Period pants are expected to last between 2-3 years meaning that you would at least halve the cost of disposable products.

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