Why do my pads/pants have bleach marks?

Why do my pads/pants have bleach marks?

What is the bleaching in my underwear?

You may on occasion notice that your pad or underwear have an area of white or yellow stains or bleached patches.  You might be feeling very confused by this as you have followed the manufacturers guidelines and not used any harsh chemicals (like hydrogen peroxide) or bleach in your washing. The stains can look like a white or yellow stain or a mild yellow colour.

Please be reassured it is very perfectly normal and natural and is caused by your own vagina and isn't causing infection.

The bleaching in your underwear is caused by your vaginal discharge which is all part of how your body keeps your vagina healthy.

Your vaginal discharge is naturally acidic, at different times in your menstrual cycle it may vary in pH level and can sometimes cause bleaching of your underwear and pads

Discharge usually increases during ovulation and pregnancy due to an increase in cervical mucus. When exposed to the air, the discharge can stain underwear.


What Can I Do About The Bleach Stains?

You do not need to do anything about them, it is all part of a healthy vagina and vaginal discharge. It isn't caused by any bad bacteria.

Although the marks mean your pads/pants do not look at good as new, they will still contue to work and there is nothing to worry about. It is just your body doing it's thing and is a sign of a health vagina.

If you do regular get bleach stains then you may prefer to avoid black or coloured pants/pads. Instead we would suggest you use white pads which will not show any bleach marks. Another way to eliminate discoloration is by using panty liners