Can A Virgin Use A Menstrual Cup?

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Can A Virgin Use A Menstrual Cup?

Yes you can use a menstrual cup if you are a virgin exactly the same as you can use tampons if you’re a virgin.

There is no reason you can’t use a menstrual cup from your first period however you do have to be comfortable with your body and inserting it into your vagina.

Young girls and virgin's muscles tend to be tighter and more tense which can make inserting and removing a little more tricky until you can the hang of it. I’d recommend you practice at home at a time you’re unrushed and relaxed so you can get the hang of it. Unlike tampons there is no reason you can’t insert a cup to practice at any point in the month to practice.

Menstrual Cups come in lots of different sizes and there are some great small ones to get started with. The Meluna Shorty Small really is very small and ideal for getting used to them.

The Hymen and Menstrual Cups
The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that fully or partially covers the vagina, it is also possible to be born without one. The hymen can be worn away or broken through doing lots of normal daily activities including using a tampon or menstrual cup.

In some countries and religions the presence of a hymen is used as proof of virginity however this is not a truthful or accurate way to prove virginity. Being a virgin is not decided by the condition or presence of your hymen, you remain a virgin until you’ve had sexual intercourse. Using a menstrual cup does not take away your virginity.

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