Can A Virgin Use A Menstrual Cup?

Can A Virgin Use A Menstrual Cup?

Can a virgin use a menstrual cup? Everything you need to know about virginity and period cups.

The short answer is yes you can use a menstrual cup if you are a virgin exactly the same as you can use tampons if you’re a virgin.

There is no reason you can’t use a menstrual cup from your first period however you do have to be comfortable with your own body and inserting it into your vaginal canal.

Young girls and virgins pelvic muscles tend to be tighter and more tense which can make inserting and removing a menstrual cup little more tricky until you can the hang of it. I’d recommend you practice at home at a time you’re unrushed and relaxed so you can get the hang of it. Unlike tampons, that absorb menstrual fluid, a menstrual cup sits in the vagina and collects menstrual blood. Therefore there is no reason you can’t insert a cup to practice before your period is due.

What size menstrual cups are best for beginners?

Menstrual Cups come in lots of different sizes. Virgins (no age limit) and Younger users might get on better with small cups. The best menstrual cup options that are small are Meluna Shorty Small, Lumma Short or Saalt Teen cup are smaller menstrual cups and ideal for first time users.

When It's Gone It's Gone
Lumma Menstrual Cups Short

Can a menstrual cup break your hymen?

The hymen is a piece of thin membrane that fully or partially covers the vaginal canal, it is also possible to be born without one. Most hymens will be stretched during excersises like bike riding, horse riding and gymnastics or placing anything into the vagina like a tampon or menstrual cups.

In some countries and cultures the presence of an intact hymen is used as proof of virginity however this is not a truthful or accurate way to prove virginity. Being a virgin is not decided by the presence of an intact hymen, you remain a virgin until you’ve had sexual intercourse. Using a menstrual cup does not take away your virginity.

Top tips for your first time using a menstrual cup.

  1. Relax and take a deep breath- inserting anything into your vagina for the first time can be a bit daunting.

  2. Take the time to get comfortable and familiar with your body- You can use a mirror to help you check things out and explore your body more. If you're unsure of anything then seek advice from a trusted family member. Getting familar with your body can be really empowering and the more knowledge you have of your body then the better you will be at tracking changes.

  3. Sometimes using a silicone safe lubricant can help- A water based lubricant is safe to use with your mesntural cup (which is usually made of medical grade silicone). A small amount of this can help make inserting easier.

  4. Practice different folds, find a full list here but most will use the 'punch down fold' or the 'C fold'.

  5. Practice inserting your period cup in advance of your period- one of the best things about menstural cups is that it doesn't absorb menstural fluid, just collects it. This means that it's possible to practice inerting your cup at any point in your cycle. You can practice different folds and see what works for your body.

  6. Check the stem- most menstrual cups have a stem to help with removal. If this is outside your vaginal opening then you can trim it for comfort.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to use a menstrual cup?

You can be any age to use menstrual cups. It does take a some level of being familiar with your body. You can read our article here and follow the tips above have the most success. It is not common to use it from your first period.

Why choose a Menstrual Cup?

There are lots of diffierent menstrual products. You might choose a menstrual cup as your menstrual product if you are active and enjoy alot of sport. If you are often busy and don't have the oppertunity to change period products like pads very often. Menstrual cups can be worn for upto 8 hours making it a great period product for those on the go. Most cup users will sing the praises of menstrual cup for their convenince.

Do menstrual cups hurt when you're a virgin?

This is such a common question. Using a menstrual cup shouldnt feel uncomfortable If you are finding your cup uncomfortable (you can feel it pressing against your vaginal wall or you have difficulyu passing urine with it in) then you can try a softer cup and you might find insertion easier.

Why is it hard to insert a menstrual cup for the first time?

It can be a bit of a learning curve for first time users to get the hang of using a mesntural cup. Trial and error is perfectly normal. Like we have mentioned, you can practice inserting and removing your menstrual cup before your period is due. There are different folds you can use, generally speaking the Punch Down Fold is the easiest but you can look here for different ones and see what works for you. As you get a greater understanding of your body it will get easier.

Is it difficult to remove a menstrual cup?

When a cup has sealed well it can be common for it to feel stuck inside. It rearely does get truley stuck. Most women or cup users will have experience the feeling of a menstrual cup being difficult to remove atleast once. You can usually break the seal by pinching the bottom or using one finger to break the seal, you can read more tips here. If you are finding that your cup is reguarly difficult to remove as it has gone too high, you might have a high cervix. You can read more about measuring your cervix here and we can help you find the cup that suits you best.

Will I need a new menstrual cup once I'm sexually active?

If you've bought a smaller cup you are not neccesarily going to need a new cup as soon as you've had penetrative sexual intercourse. If you find that your cup starts to leak before its full or no longer feels comfortable then its time to start looking for a new menstrual cup.

What about toxic shock syndrome?

There is a certain level of maturity to using a menstrual cup or tampons. Leaving any product in longer than you should is a health risk. For menstrual cups, you should leave your cup in no longer than 12 hours to avoid an increased risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome. While the risk is low, cups are not risk-free. 12 hours is a long time but if you are forgetful by nature you may want to set alarms on your phone for morning and night to check your cup.