Can I Go To The Toilet While Using A Menstrual Cup?

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

A common question we get asked is “Can I still go to the toilet while wearing a menstrual cup?” The short answer is YES! A menstrual cup sits inside your Vagina so doesn’t stop you peeing or pooping which come out of two different holes (urethal opening and your anus).

Peeing with a Menstrual Cup
This is easy, just wee as you normally would! If your cup is positioned properly and is the right cup for you, you shouldn’t feel it at all. If your cup is sitting a little too low it can put pressure on your urethra making it a little harder for urine to flow as freely. Reposition your cup a little higher up and this should ease. Another option is to try a softer cup. The very softest cup we have found is the &Sisters Nubie Cup but Meluna is another brand that makes a softer option too. Have a look at our comparison chart to compare your current cup to other options if you find this happens every time.

Pooping with a Menstrual Cup
You can poop leaving your menstrual cup in however many people prefer to remove it before a bowel movement, the choice is yours.

A common concern is that they might push their cup out and no one wants to be picking their cup out of a poopy toilet bowl! A cup doesn’t easily come out as the suction holds it in place but if you’re straining (which is never good and the cup wouldn’t be the reason for this) you may find it moves down. If you’re worried about pushing your cup out then remove the cup before you start and relax.

The vaginal canal and rectum are very close so a large or firm cup may make pooping a bit harder/slower due to either pressure placed on the bowel from the cup. If you find this happens just remove your cup before a bowel movement and replace afterwards (following good hygiene practice with clean fingers.) Even if you leave your cup in during a bowel movement, you are likely to need to reposition it afterwards as it may shift slightly.

Here’s a great little demonstration from the wonderful people over at Put A Cup In It



Written by Wendy - Top Cat @ The Period Lady

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