Can I Put My Menstrual Cup In Before My Period Starts?

Can I put my menstrual cup in before my period starts?

Yes Absolutely!!! 

Being able to put my menstrual cup in before my period has been life changing for me. I've suffered my whole life with irregular menstrual cycle due to PCOS.  I’m no longer caught by surprise, I’ve learnt to recognize the signs when my period is due in the next few days (or maybe a week if mother nature really wants to just mess with me!) Around this time I pop my menstrual cup in every morning and check it when I get home at the end of the day.

Unlike tampons a menstrual cup doesn’t absorb fluid so it’s perfectly safe to put in before your period begins.  

Don't get caught out by spotting!

As I’ve got older I’ve also had spotting start and stop a few days before my period really gets going.  Spotting isn't enough for a tampon to be used (plus I’ve never got on with tampons) but a period cup can be used safely and deals with this annoying few days without any inconvenience to me.   

LOVE LOVE LOVE reusable menstrual Cups, using a menstrual cup really is are life changing!

I can't use a menstrual cup as I don't like tampons....

If you unsure about using a menstrual cup as you can't use tampons, read our article which explains why you shouldn't worry.

Written by Wendy Top Cat @ The Period Lady