Can You Use A Menstrual Cup With and IUD?

Can You Use A Menstrual Cup With and IUD?

Can you use a Menstural Cup with an IUD?

An Intrauterine Device (IUD) is a popular choice of birth control among women, it is also known as a coil, copper coil or mirena (hormonal IUDS). Its inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Many women are worried about using a menstrual cup with an IUD in place. The quick answer is YES, you can use a menstrual cup with an IUD insitu. However, to have the most success with this combination and to make sure that your period products doesn't interfere with your contraception there are some extra considerations to think about.

Fitting your cup when you have an IUD

A menstrual cup sits inside the vaginal canal and uses a gentle suction to stay in place. Your IUD sits inside your uterine cavity with the IUD strings come through your cervix, you should be able to feel them. We usually ask you to check your cervix height to find you the best fitting cup. When you have an IUD you want the IUD Strings to sit inside or above the cup for the most reliable and comfortable fit.

You can check this by running your finger around the edge of your menstrual cup to make sure you can't feel the IUD strings.

Do Menstrual Cups Increase Risk of intrauterine device expulsion?

IUD expulsion is when your IUD falls out of place or comes out. There is not much research that shows that menstrual cup use increases the risk of IUD expulsion. However it is recommended to wait 6 weeks after your IUD insertion as there is a higher risk of expulsion in this time.

To remove a menstrual cup you break the seal of the cup. Even if you don't have an IUD, but especially if you do, it is really important to break the suction on your menstrual cups before you pull out the cup and this helps to keep the IUD in place. You can do this by pinching the bottom of the cup.

If your IUD does come out and you have had sexual intercourse in the last 7 days then you will need to access emergency contraception.

What if I'm still worried about using a menstrual cup with my IUD?

If you don't feel confident with using menstrual cups with an IUD but you still want a similar menstrual hygiene product then you might find a menstrual disc a better fit for you. A disc doesn't use suction to stay in place and instead it tucks behind your pubic bone.

Can you use tampons with iud?

There is some reports that if you use a tampon it can catch the IUD strings and causing expulsion, but these cases are extremely rare.

How do I know what menstrual cup will suit me?

We have a whole article about choosing menstrual cups. After you've given it a read the fill our our Recomendation Questionnaire to see what our team would think would suit you best.

What else can I use?

If you really don't want to use a menstrual cup or disc and risk IUD expulsion then there are plenty of other alternative form of sustainable, reliable period products available. The most popular are period pants and cloth sanitary pads.



Written by Roisin. Senior Advisor @ The Period Lady