Caring For Period Underwear

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Caring For Period Underwear


Whats the best way to wash period underwear?

One of the things that people are worried about when moving to period underwear is washing out the bloo. It is really simple and I think over the course of our lives I doubt that we havn't had a pair of regular underwear that doesn't have a period blood stain.

Washing your period underwear could not be simpler. it is very similar to washing cloth sanitary pads.

As with all items of clothing please check the manufacturers care guidelines to ensure you stay within your warranty and to protect the longevity of your undies. There are two main ways to wash your period underwear, You can machine wash or hand wash.

Machine Washing Period Underwear.

Washing period pants in the washing machine is the most effective way to care for your undies.

Here is a basic guide to wash period pants:

  1. When you remove your used underwear rinse them thoroughly with cold water till the water runs clear. You can gently rub them to help remove as much blood as possible.
  2. Either pop them in your normal washing with other clothes or store them in a wet bag until wash day.
  3. Wash on a cold wash at either 30 or 40deg. You can use your normal detergent but avoid fabric softener.

Most companies will advise you to avoid harsh chemicals, fabric conditioner and tumble drying, as eventually it will lead to a shorter life span and issues with performance.

How to hand wash period underwear

If you are hand washing period pants then it is more important you dont skip the cold rinse step when you remove your underwear.

After you've rinsed them through properly you can use a small amount of mild detergent and cool water to wash your pants. Gently scrub gusset fabric against itseslf while washing till the water runs completely clear.

How to Dry Your Period Pants

The best way to dry your period pants is to air dry them either on a washing line or on an airer. It is not recommended to tumble dry them, you could damage the outer layer which provides