How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Cleaning and Sterilising your menstrual cup is really simple. There is nothing complicated about it, you can do it simply using things you'd have at home or we stock specialist cleaning products to help.

When Does Your Menstrual Cup Need Sterilsing?

  • When you first receive your cup, you should sterilise it before first use.
  • It is recommended you sterilise your cup at the end of each period.

Methods To Sterilise Your Cup
There are a few methods you can use, all are very similar to the methods used for cleaning baby feeding bottles.

Method 1
Boil your cup for 10 minutes in a saucepan. You need to keep an eye and make sure that it doesn’t sit at the bottom or touch the sides and it may burn.

Method 2
Using Milton sterilising tablets in a pot of water, leaving to stand as indicated on the Milton instructions.

Method 3
Using a Menstrual Cleaning Cup designed for use in the microwave (adding water so the cup steams).  It is very important you follow the instructions carefully and check your cup is suitable for microwave cleaning.

Specialist Products To Make Cleaning Your Cup Even Easier
We do stock a few items that can be used to help sterilise your cup.
Meluna Cleaning cup- This can be used with the Melula cup either in the microwave or using Milton tablets. Please check your cup instructions that it is suitable to be microwaves
Ruby Clean- This has also been designed for microwave use, it is also collapsible for convenient storage.
Milton Tablets- These can be used to disinfect your cups, if you are unable to boil the cup in a saucepan than then using this is a great way to thoroughly disinfect.

Emptying & Cleaning Your Cup During Your Period.
If you have a sink available to you, it is better to rinse your cup thoroughly before reinserting it. You can do this with just warm water or you can use a little mild non perfumed soap if you prefer. If you are using soap make sure to give it an extra rinse before reinserting to avoid causing skin irritation. Meluna Cleansing Soap and Lunette Cup Cleanser are soaps specifically designed for this purpose.

If you are in a public toilet or have no sink available, where possible take a small bottle of water to rinse out the cup, wipe with toilet paper and then reinsert it. We also stock Lunette cleansing wipes from as another option when on the go.  Menstrual cups usually have a higher capacity than tampons so many people find they rarely have to empty their cup when out and about during to the longer wear time.

Written by Roisin - Senior Advisor @The Period Lady

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