Saalt Menstrual Disc


What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc is a round silicone disc that collects blood. Unlike a menstrual cup it doesn’t use suction to stay in place, instead it sits behind your pubic bone.

Saalt Disc Features & Sizes

Saalt discs is a sized disc. It has a unique ridge to help with easier removal.

Saalt Disc Regular- Great for average cervix, average- heavy flow with a 50ml capacity

Saalt Disc Small- Great for lighter flows, lower cervix, teens or young adults.


How to fit your Saalt Disc


How to care for your Saalt disc

While you’re on your period you can remove, rinse and reinsert your disc.

Before its first use and at the end of your period it is recommended you sterilise your disc, this can be done by boiling it for 5 minutes.

Between your period we recommend keeping your disc in its storage bag and box to protect it.

Leaking Problems
If you're getting problems with your disc leaking first revisit the instructions for positioning correctly and if you're still having issues try this video guide.


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