Teens Reusable Sanitary Products

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Teens Reusable Sanitary Products

What is out there for you?
There are three main types of sanitary products available.

  • Cloth Sanitary Pads
  • Menstrual Cups
  • Period Underwear

What you choose to use for your period is entirely your choice however we do have some products that are more tailored to those who have just started their periods.

Cloth Sanitary Pads
We tend to find that pads with darker tops or bright patterns are more popular among younger customers and slimness is essential.

Mama Designs Teen Pad is a great choice. It has a black cotton flannel top making it great for those who want a more natural fabric against their skin. The pad has been specificlly designed to suit smaller frames.

The La Petite Ourse pad has a charcoal fleece top and comes in some great patterns, they are really slim and make a great option to help you feel nice and dry.

Some of our handmade pad ranges are great for those who love bright patterns. The Sew Sustainable 8 inch Regular are a great slim cotton top option and are handmade by one of our suppliers who is a 15 year old girl!

Menstrual Cup
Menstrual cups are the least popular option for teens or those who have just started their periods. They can be a little fiddly to insert/remove when you first use one.

For those that would like to use a cup (if you are very athletic and like sport you may be more drawn to them) then there are some cups that have been specifically designed for you.

Saalt make a specific Teen cup which is smaller than the regular Saalt cup.
Meluna S and Lumma S can also be exceptionally good options to get started with.

Period Underwear
Period Underwear are by far the most popular option for reusable sanitary products in younger people. The discreetness of them and the length of time that they can be worn for mean they are a great option for school days.

Period underwear look just like normal underwear but have a sewn in pad in the gusset. They can be worn for around 8 hours at a time and make them a great option for school days because they don't need to be changed through the day.  They can also make a great option for back up to your cloth sanitary pads. The Cheeky Mama Feeling Sport and the WUKA Basic Hipster Briefs come in small sizes so can fit a greater size range.

You can also use a pad over period underwear and when the pad needs changing, remove it and then use the pants for absorbency.

Period pants remove a lot of the stigma and embarrassment of others knowing you are on your period. This is just one of the reasons that they are the most popular choice for young girls and teens.

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