Thongs, Period Undies and Reusable Pads

Thongs, Period Undies and Reusable Pads

If you like wearing thongs but also need the back up absorbency of a pad there are now great options for you. Thong reusable pads are available from Imse Vimse. They offer light absorbency ideal as a backup for a menstrual cup or tampon or even for very light incontinence wear. They fasten into your underwear using a popper under the gusset.

The other option are the Flux Undies Invisible Thong. This is very light weight material that gives a seamless finish so no visible VPL. The gusset holds the equivalent of one panty liner or half a tampon. The benefit of thong period pants is no need for a separate pad and no risk of seeing any pad line through tight clothing. Flux Undies Invisible range is very light and discrete, no one would ever know it’s anything other than a normal thong.

06 February 2021  |  18:39

I just wondered what the sizing of the thong is like? I am generally a size 10-12. I have other menstrual thongs in both a size 10 and a size 12 - due to various differences in sizing.
Also do you offer these thongs in both colours - nude and black?

08 February 2021  |  20:45

Hi Deb, We've found the sizing to be accurate and we pick the size we usually wear, which I know isn't always easy when so many high street stores are variable. At the moment we just have the thongs in black but hope that the neutral will be available soon.