Using A Menstrual Cup With An IUD

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Using A Menstrual Cup With An IUD

An IUD is a popular choice for contraception among women, it is also known as a coil.
There are many articles on using menstrual cups with IUDs and whether you should or not for fear of dislodging

The short answer is yes, there is no reason that you cannot use your cup with and IUD in place. The
cup sits lower in the vaginal canal so shouldn’t interfere with the strings. When using a cup, it is
important to properly break the suction before removing the cup and this reduces your chances of
dislodging the coil or IUD.

You may have more difficulty using a menstrual cup with an IUD if you have a low cervix. It is
important to find a cup that fits you properly first. It is best to speak to the practitioner who fitted
your IUD for their recommendation. Read our article for cups which are best for a low cervix.

Written by Roisin. Senior Advisor @ The Period Lady

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