What to Wear When Cycling or Horse Riding

Over time we've had increasing requests for products suitable for cyclists or horse riders with many finding the traditional snap closure of cloth sanitary pads uncomfortable if you are planning on being on a saddle for any length of time.

You have three main options for period protection:
Period Underwear
Cloth Sanitary Products

If you already have a cup or use period underwear then these are great options for exercise and can be worn comfortably with no issue. If you are usually a cloth sanitary pad user then you may find that most of the brands with snap closure can feel really uncomfortable. Luckily for you we have Bamboolik and Imse Vimse!

We went on a hunt to a find products and we found them!
Bamboolik pads are unique to any others we sell as they fasten with hook and loop rather than a popper making them more more comfortable. We sell them in the panty liner and day pad version, they're made from layers of bamboo with a bamboo top, which is nice and breathable, and are backed with polyester fleece.

Imse Vimse have just designed a fantastic SNAP FREE pad that is available in a pantyliner or a regular day pad. With the super natural organic cotton top and core these are a great option if you prefer the most natural products against your skin.