Cheeky - Teen Period Pants - Feeling Sporty Low Rise
Cheeky - Teen Period Pants - Feeling Sporty Low Rise
Cheeky - Teen Period Pants - Feeling Sporty Low Rise

Cheeky - Teen Period Pants - Feeling Sporty Low Rise

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  • Ideal for tweens / teens
  • Ideal for sports
  • Light to medium flow

Cheeky Feeling Sporty Period Pants Overview

Cheeky Feeling Sporty Period Pants have 4 layers of absorbency in the gusset and all the way up the back. The back coverage makes them fantastic for those that tend to bleed more heavily towards the back.  The pants are designed to be used on their own on lighter days but can also be used as back up for a cup, tampon or even a pad! Cheeky Feeling Sporty are snug and stretchy so if unsure go up a size.

The Cheeky Feeling Sporty are best if you prefer a low waisted 'bikini' style knickers. They have been designed with teens and tweens in mind as they are super comfy and hassle free however there is no reason us oldies can't use them too!  .  No rustling wrappers to give away that you're 'on', just easy to use, practical pants.  I use feeling sporty for running or high impact exercise classes.


The body of the pant is cotton/elastane (95%/5%).  With 4 layers to give you maximum protection but also keeping you comfortable:

  • moisture wicking
  • highly absorbent
  • never leak
  • breathable fabric

Why I love them

What I love about these Cheeky Period Pants range is that there isn't any logos or labels on the outside of the pants anywhere! Some brands have their brand name printed around the waist band but to me anyone who knows that brand will know you're on and I just prefer to be a little more discrete!  This makes them especially useful for a shy teen.  The banks absolutely look like all my other normal black pants, they don't feel especially extra thick even in the gusset.

Cheeky Period Pants are cheaper than many of the other brands of period pants that we stock.  In comparison to the other brands Cheeky aren't as soft as they are made of regular cotton whereas some of the other premium brands use super soft modal.  Cheeky Pants are also sold without fancy packaging, they will arrive just as a pair of pants. The lack of packaging again brings the price down and also saves on waste.    

As with any sanitary option, if you're using these as your only means of protection, we recommend that you change them during the day, just like you would a pad or tampon.

Sizing - ADULT SIZING NOT by Age!

The Bikini Style are expected to run a little snug so if in doubt, size up.

  • 4-6 (XS) 
  • 6-8 (S) 
  • 8-10 (M) 
  • 10-12 (L)
  • 12-14 (XL) 
  • 14-16 (XXL) 
  • 16-18 (XXXL) 

Machine wash cold and then hang dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Pants FAQ's

How many pairs of period pants do I need?

We tend to find that 5-7 pairs of underwear are enough for the average cycle.  2 Night time pairs and 3-5 day time pairs means that you have enough to wash every other day and ensure that they dry in time for their next use.

Machine Washing Period Underwear.

Washing period pants in the washing machine is the most effective way to care for your undies.

Here is a basic guide to wash period pants:

  1. When you remove your used underwear rinse them thoroughly with cold water till the water runs clear. You can gently rub them to help remove as much blood as possible.
  2. Either pop them in your normal washing with other clothes or store them in a wet bag until wash day.
  3. Wash on a cold wash at either 30 or 40deg. You can use your normal detergent but avoid fabric softener.

Most companies will advise you to avoid harsh chemicals, fabric conditioner and tumble drying, as eventually it will lead to a shorter life span and issues with performance.

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5 Reviews:

16 January 2021  | 

Extremely comfy
I have worn doing a 3 hour run (on a light day) they were extremely comfy and zero leakage
They wash really well
I couldn't be more pleased with them

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Much smaller than expected
21 November 2020  | 

I already owned some of the cheeky mama pretty pants so bought these in the same size but they are very tight! Other than that they are a nice style and work well as a cup backup.

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Cheeky pants
21 November 2020  | 

Comfortable slim fit. No leaks!

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