Clearance Sale Items The Period Lady

#TPL1 Me Luna menstrual cup Cleansing Soap. New, slight leakage
#TPL2 Nora Night Pad old print peacock
#TPL3 Nora Light Pad old print dots
#TPL4 Love Luna Midi period briefs size 6-8. New, damaged packaging.
#TPL5 Wuka Ultimate Bikini Brief medium flow 2XL. Brand new.
#TPL6 Me Luna Milton Sterilising tablets. Expiry date 12/2022
#TPL7 Little Lamb Regular pad leopard print
#TPL8 Size 4 Period Pants short cut
#TPL9 #TPL9 Wuka High Waisted Size XS med flow
#TPL10 Wuka Size XS Midi Brief Light Flow
The Period Lady

These items are excluded from any further shop discounts.

Product Detail

The items listed here are all clearance sale items. They're either end of line products, ex-demo, ex marketing or cosmetically flawed. There is generally only one of each item, so when they're gone, they're gone!


* Image does not directly reflect the items that are avilable.


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