Mesara Ultimate Sanitary Pad
Mesara Ultimate Sanitary Pad

Mesara Ultimate Sanitary Pad

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Very High
23 x 10cm
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Pattern side down
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  • Heavy Absorbency
  • Suitable gushy flow
  • Light incontinence

Mesara Ultimate Pad Overview

The Mesara Ultimate is a full-cut super absorbent pad. The wider design uses elasticized sides to mould to the shape of your body.  With it's 10cm width and curved shape, the Mesara Ultimate quickly absorbs a sudden gush of fluid without worry or bulk - making it an ideal choice for those with incontinence or a heavier menstrual flow.

Designed for maximum absorbency by using our exclusive microfiber core – you will not find another pad this slim yet so absorbent! Perfect for those with incontinence issues or heavy/night time menstrual flow.

Mesara pads use the same high-quality fabrics found in Mother-ease nappies, so you can be sure they will work for you when you need them most! Mesara pads are backed with their exceptional PUL cover fabric, and lined with the special buttery soft Stay Dry fabric that Mother-ease are famous for. This along with the binding make for a leak-free, comfortable pad. As the fabrics are specially knit for Mother-ease alone, and were designed to absorb quickly and move wetness throughout, they create the utmost comfortable and effective pads on the market, exclusive to Mesara.

The wings are held in place using slim metal poppers so don't add extra bulk to your underwear. Having two poppers creates a wider wing which reduces movement and twisting of the pad.

Truly the only pad you’ll need.


approx 23 x 10 cm elasticated & curved for the ultimate fit

Which way up?

Pattern side down


Surface: Stay Dry, 100% polyester
Core: microfiber, 100% polyester
Exterior: PUL (polyurethane laminate)
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