Mini Vivi Heavy Pad (Single)

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Jersey Cotton Or Bamboo
Pack Size
1 Pad
Made In
Worcestershire, England
Product Detail

Absorbency of MiniVivi pads

13" Original hold approx 250ml
11" Original hold approx 150ml
8" LITE hold approx 60ml


Mini Vivi Incontinence Pads Overview

Mini Vivi Incontinence Pads are designed for mild to moderate incontinence and moderate bladder leaks. They are also suitable for heavy menstruation or very heavy bleeding due to their extremely high capacity. The pads are handmade in the UK. Many people find disposable pads uncomfortable, hot and expensive, MiniVivi reusable pads will put an end to that.

Each Mini Vivi Conti Pad comes with non wick wings and uses impregnated charcoal for odour control.   The thin microfleece used for the backing and wings grips to underwear to reduce any movement.

Each Minivivi pad has a very thirsty hemp/cotton blend to maximise capacity, minimise compression leaks all while the natural fabric remains breathable. Underneath the absorbent core is a hidden waterproof layer of high quality polyurethane laminate (PUL) for extra protection.

Minivivi pads are sold individually.

Recommended uses per size:

  • 8" Lite light incontinence to regular menstrual flow
  • 11" Original are great for medium incontinence, urge incontinence/stress incontinence or as night menstrual/post partum.
  • 13" are popular for larger ladies, more coverage for nights or very heavy menstruation, average day incontinence, postpartum with extra confidence/coverage.


Absorbency Guide

Most people think they need a higher absorbency Minivivi pad than they actually do.  To give you a guide the average tampon holds 12-15ml. The average menstrual pad holds 25ml. The standard Tena Lady holds approx 30-40ml maximum. An entire average period is 60-80ml, average bladder has first urge to void at around 150ml and will release around 120ml in a stress/urge incontinence situation. Sneeze wee is around 50ml tops.


How To Use

Applying the Pad

  1. To wear your pad place the grey side down against your underwear with the longer end at the front.
  2. Fold the wings around the gusset and snap together underneath. 

Each pad comes with two size settings to suit different widths of gusset and you can adjust the position of the pad by sliding it forward or back once you have it pulled up your underwear.

Removing the pad

  • To remove the pad reach under the gusset and unsnap the wings.
  • There is a special tab to make this easier to do.
  • Then fold the pad and store in a wetbag or container until ready to wash.
  • DO NOT SOAK as this may damage them and reduce their lifespan.

Washing and Drying

  • Wash your pads at 40/60deg with our usual detergent.
  • Due to being hand dyed we recommend washing them separately until you are confident they are no longer loosing any colour or adding a colour catcher in the wash cycle.
  • DO NOT USE harsh products such as vinegar, napisan, bleach could damage the materials.
  • DO NOT use fabric softener as this can reduce absorbency speed and levels.
  • Ideally air dry your pads however they can be tumbledried on low if required but regular tumble drying can reduce their lifespan. 
  • Reshape while damp.

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Incontinenance pad
10 January 2021  | 

I bought this for my grandmother who is trying to switch to reusables after using countless disposable Tenas after seeing myself who have switched to a reusables lifestyle with csp, nappies etc.. And after struggling to find one that would worked as an incontinance rather than period pad, this worked.

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13 December 2020  | 

I'm sure these suit some people and they do what they are supposed to do. However I have stopped wearing them as they were making me sore from the friction. I have had similar effects from cheap disposable sanitary towels. Feel like I'm back to square one


Well made product
03 July 2019  | 

Changed to these reusable pads from disposable pants due to allergy. Happy with my purchase.


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