Red Rags 12in Postpartum (Extra Heavy) Wide Pads

Rainbow Acorns - Minky
12in x3in
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  • Post Partum
  • Exceptionally heavy periods

Red Rags 12in Post Partum Extra Heavy Pads Overview

Red Rags Sanitary Pads are beautifully handmade in the UK, the sewing really is stunning and exceptional quality.  Red Rags pads comes with a lovely sized flare to give you perfect coverage, protection while still comfortable. The Red Rags 12in postpartum extra wide pad offers maximum protection, snapped wider than standard 12in pads for those that need ultimate coverage.  They’re even absorbent enough for use postpartum!

Reg rags come in beautiful prints and what is even better is that the pad is used pattern side up so you get to enjoy the beautiful print. The fleece layer goes side down next to your underwear.

We stock the Red Rags 12in Post partum pads in a choice of two fabrics either Cotton Jersey or Minky, the product description will highlight what the pad is made in. Details below about the benefits of each fabric.

Pad Details

Shape: Wide Moon - This pad offers maximum protection! The wider snapped width is perfect for those wanting full coverage. Ideal for heavy flows, use at night time or as a postpartum pad. 


Length: 12inches

Snapped width: 3 inches


Topping Either:
Cotton Jersey - This is the most popular topping fabric for CSP. Its thin, breathable and comes in so many beautiful designs. The knit of the fabric allows liquid to pass freely. This fabric is made up of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. 

Minky -This is our fastest absorbing fabric. However unlike our other toppers minky is a synthetic material. It has a raised soft texture making it perfect for catching gushy flows. Another great topper for heavy & postpartum pads.

Core: 1 layer of cotton flannel and zorb. Plus 2 layers of 340gsm hemp/organic cotton fleece
Backing: anti-pill polar fleece

Please note all items (unless otherwise stated) are sewn using a sewing machine, not an embroidery machine. Each pad is unique and slight variations are to be expected including pattern placement.

Care Details:

Rinse immediately after use then store in a wet bag or similar.

Wash at 30-40deg on a long cycle (avoid fabric conditioner)

Line, air or tumble dry on low.

Read the our full article on how to wash and care for your cloth sanitary pads.

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