Baby Beehinds Ecopads Liner
Baby Beehinds Ecopads Liner

Baby Beehinds Ecopads Liner

cotton velour and bamboo core
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  • Lightest absorbency
  • Suitable for spotting, back up for a cup, tampon.
  • Suitable for a daily liner all month
  • Fast absorbing velour

Baby Beehinds EcoPads Overview

Baby Beehinds EcoPad Liner pads are topped with the same luscious royal purple cotton velour that is used throughout the Baby Beehinds Ecopads range.  The cotton velour is not only a stunning colour but also beautifully soft, once you try them you will never go back to disposables.

The liner is the thinnest pad in the Baby Beehinds Ecopad range. It is ideal for your backing up a cup or tampon or spotting.  You could use it as a daily liner however the pad is longer than a lot of other brands of liners we have so it depends what you are looking for as a daily liner.  If you need fuller protection maybe for incontinence then these are a great choice for you,  if you wanted a replacement/absorbent gusset there are smaller options available from other brands.  

Velour is fast absorbing so make these pads ideal no matter how fast or gushy your flow.

The pads’ wings snap into place using two  high-quality resin poppers, the use of two poppers keeps the pad securely held in position.  The brand label is discretely positioned on the wings so it remains out of the way.


Liners are 22cm long


  • Contains 1 layer of bamboo at its core.
  • Baby Beehinds Ecopads are made with a core soaker of bamboo fleece attached to a hidden layer of bamboo jersey, a layer of waterproof PUL fabric . All topped with gorgeously soft cotton velour.

Which Way Up?

It is worn pattern side down with the stunning purple cotton velour next to your skin.

Pads FAQ's

How many pads do I need?

As a general guide for a:

  • short and light cycle 6 daytime and 3 night time
  • Average length and flow 10 day pads and 4-5 night pads
  • Longer and heavier cycles 15 day pads and 6-7 night time pads.

How To Wash Cloth Pads

Washing reusable cloth pads in the washing machine is the most effective way to care for your pads

Here is a basic guide to wash pads:

  1. When you remove your used pads rinse them thoroughly with cold water till the water runs clear. You can gently rub them to help remove as much blood as possible.
  2. Either pop them in your normal washing with other clothes or store them in a wet bag until wash day.
  3. Wash on a cold wash at either 30 or 40deg. You can use your normal detergent but avoid fabric softener.

Most companies will advise you to avoid harsh chemicals, fabric conditioner and tumble drying, as eventually it will lead to a shorter life span and issues with performance.

How To Dry Reusable Sanitary Pads

Ideally air dry your cloth sanitary pads and avoid using a tumble dryer. This helps to keep your reusable pads in better condition and is more environmentally friendly. A “sock” airer is ideal for drying them and can be hung inside in winter for quick drying. Most pads will easily dry overnight. Some pads can be tumble-dried, but this should be done on low and is best avoided as tumble drying can shrink some fabrics and remove fibres (that’s what the fluff is in the filter.)

How long will my pads last until I need to buy more to replace them?

As a general rule our suppliers expect their pads to last 5-10 years with average wear.

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