Nora Try Me Pack
Nora Try Me Pack
Nora Try Me Pack
Nora Try Me Pack
Nora Try Me Pack

Nora Try Me Pack

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Nora Try Me Pack Overview

Not sure what pad would suit you most from the new Nora range? The new Nora Try Me Trial pack is a great way to test out what you need in your stash.

You get four pads in liner, light, moderate and heavy giving you a pad to try for every day of your cycle.

The soft honeycomb top layer is soft against your skin and helps to keep you feeling dry, as well as excellent absorbency the recycled plastic waterproof fabric means great performance and no leaks!

Trial Content

  • Liner- Absorbs up to 15ml and is 17cm long. Perfect for very very light spotting or daily use.
  • Light- Absorbs 15ml and is 19cm long. A great pad for your lightest days.
  • Moderate- Absorbs 25ml and is 25cm long. A great day pad for your regular days.
  • Heavy- Absorbs 70ml and is 29cm long. Perfect for your heavier days or overnight use.

Features I love

I absolutely love the elastic storage band on the back of the Nora pads.  I always store my clean and used pads compactly folded up. With other pad brands this is achieved by securing the wing poppers however with the Nora range simply fold your pad and slip over the elastic band to secure the pad, why did no one ever think of this before!

Designed to last

Designed to last for around ten years, or about 150 washes


The Nora Very Heavy Maxi Reusable Pad is made with a recycled polyester waterproof outer and PUL membrane for excellent leak protection! The Nora pads have a superb high quality, soft, stay dry layer which is so important on your heavy days.

  • Top Layer- The honeycomb top layer (that goes next to your skin) is made from 53% recycled polyester and  47% polyester making it incredibly soft against your skin.
  • Absorbent Core- Made of 100% polyester towelling
  • Waterproof Outer- Made from 100% recycled polyester with a PUL membrane to help protect against leaks.

Nora pads are made with OEKO-TEX® Class II certified (11-6225 Shirley) approved fabrics, containing no nasty chemicals- making them kinder to your body and the planet.


Washing Care

  • Rinse in cold water before washing.
  • Wash at 30 with non-biological powder detergent.
  • Don’t use bleach, fabric conditioner or stain removers.

Read the our full article on how to wash and care for your cloth sanitary pads.


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