Tots Bots Wipes Bag

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Tots Bots Wipes Bag Overview

Tots Bots Wipes wet bags are perfect for storing your reusable wipes while on the go. 


Tots Bots Wipes bags are the perfect size for for storing a handful of reusable wipes to cover a day out.

How do I use it?

When you get home either put your wipes and Tots Bots wipes bag into the wash or add the contents to your nappy bucket and do a larger nappy wash later.


The Tots Bots Reusable Wipes Wet Bag seals with a zip.  The bag is waterproof however the zip is not so water must be kept away from the zip otherwise you'll experience wicking of dampness to the outside.

Tots Bots Wipes Bag Fabric

Made from recycled plastic

More information on using reusable wipes

Visit our comprehensive beginners guide on using reusable wipes for more information.

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