Can I Have Sex While Wearing A Menstrual Cup

Can I Have Sex While Wearing A Menstrual Cup

Can you have sex while wearing a menstrual cup?

The answer to this is Yes and No it depends what type of menstrual cup you use.


If you use a reusable menstrual cup that sit lower down in your vaginal canal (like tampons) then you cannot wear this while having penetrative vaginal sex. It has a much firmer body, takes up much more space in your vagina and wouldn't feel comfortable to wear one during sexual intercourse. It isn't advised to insert a penis, fingers or sex toys while you are wearing your menstrual cup. You can enjoy other forms of sex such as oral sex as the blood will be kept away from the vaginal opening but for penetrative intercourse you will need to remove your menstrual cup and insert again it when you have finished (you might just create some additional laundry).


There are some menstrual cups that you can wear while having sex and these are more commonly called menstrual discs. Most menstrual discs have a softer body, sit higher in your vaginal canal and are tucked behind your pubic bone and under your cervix. Because of the way these sit they are great for mess free period sex.  Be warned though if you have very heavy periods and have sex on your heavy flow day then there is a risk that your disc might leak.

What is the difference between Menstrual Cups and Menstrual Discs?

Both Menstrual cups and menstural discs collect period blood and sit inside the vagina. A menstrual cup has a firmer, more structured body and a menstrual disc is more flexible and softer. A menstural cup use suction to stay in place, where as a menstrual disc is placed further into the vagina and tucked behind your pubic bone. You can read more about the differences here.

Frequently asked question

Can you have sex on your period?

There is no reason why you cannot enjoy period sex, you don't have to put your sex life on hold if you don't want to. It is totally up to you if you want to and there should be no reason to feel ashamed. One of the many benefits are orgasms can really help period cramps!

Why use a menstrual disc during period sex?

There is absolutely no need to use one if you don't want to. However menstural discs give you the option for easy, worry free mess free period sex. If you or your partner want to avoid the mess of period blood during sex then the menstrual disc gives you a great option for sex on your period.

What menstrual discs can you use while having penetrative sex?

We stock a few different reusable menstrual discs. Nixit, Lumma and Saalt are some of the most popular reusbable options available. There are also disposable disc options, you can wear these for sex but they are not environmentally friendly. Like Tampons, they are disposbed of after use.

Can wearing a menstrual disc during sex stop pregnancy?

Sex with a menstrual disc is not a reliable form of contraceptive device, you cannot use it as birth control. You will need to take additional measures to avoid falling pregnant or sexually transmitted infections. Although the disc sits over your cervix it doesn't block the passage for sperm to enter your uterus.

Is it comfortable to use a menstrual disc while having penetrative sex?

If you have disc that fits correctly then there shouldn't be any discomfort during sex. Most women who use them have said they don't feel them.

Will the guy feel the menstrual disc?

It is entirely possible that his penis will feel the menstrual disc but it shouldnt cause either of you discomfort.