Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc

Nixit Menstrual Disc

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Menstrual Disc Overview

The Nixit menstrual disc like a menstrual cup is made to sit internally and collect menstrual fluid. Menstrual discs unlike traditional menstrual cups allow you to have sex with the disc in as they do not block the menstrual canal.

The Nixit reusable menstrual disc is a flat fit style of menstrual cup that has distinct advantages over traditional bullet shaped cups. It's suction free, great for those with an IUD who aren't comfortable with using a cup. The flat fit works with penetrative intercourse.

The Nixit feastures a unique double rim that helps protect against leaks but also the rim is slightly softer than it's competitors. 

The Nixit menstrual disc stays in naturally and does not suction in place like a menstrual cup. The unique circular shape of the disc easily conforms to your body, all these features make the Nixit a great choice for those who have had any difficulty or discomfort with other interanally worn menstrual products

As it only collects menstrual fluid it will not dry you out or disrupt your vaginal environment.


Nixit is only available in one size so no confusing sizes for you to choose from and no awkward folds to learn.


The Nixit menstrual disc has a larger capacity compared to cups.

It holds upto 70ml which is the equivalent of 4 tampons, making it ideal for those with heavy periods.

Menstrual Disc Material

100% BPA Free medical grade silicone.

The Nix menstrual cup is made in Canada and is free of harmful chemicals and toxins

How Do I Know My Nixit Disk Is In Correctly?

You should not be able to feel your nixit menstrual cup once it is inserted. If you can feel it, try to ensure it is pushed all the way back before pushing it behind your pubic bone.

Mess Free Period Sex

So how does the Nixit UK menstrual disc make “period sex” possible?

Unlike tampons, pads and menstrual cups, the nixit menstrual cup uk doesn't stay in the middle of the vagina canal instead they fit above the vaginal canal, right below the cervix. This higher position is a game changer and keeps the canal free for penetrative sex. As you can imagine, that makes all the difference. Your partner won’t even notice the disc is there. No more worrying about “that time of the month” getting in the way of romance. Wave goodbye to the old days, and say hello to a better sex life and a leak free period.


How To Insert Your Nixit Disc-

1. Pinch the two edges together to make a long shape

2. Insert the Nixit menstrual disc into your vagina past your cervix

3. Use your finger to tilt the menstrual cup so it sits length ways in your vagina.

To Remove-

1. Hook your finger under the rim of the Nixit menstrual disl and slowly pull the cup down.

2. Discard menstrual fluid into the toilet

3. Rinse and Reinsert disc.

Due to its soft body the Nixit can be a bit messier to remove and empty so it is worth baring that in mind.


Discs FAQ's

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc works similarly to a menstrual cup in that it sits in the vaginal canal and collects menstrual blood.  A menstrual disc works differently because they don't suction into place in the vaginal canal. It sits length ways under the cervix and tucks under the public bone.
A menstrual disc can be a great alternative for those with higher cervix or those who are more sensitive and struggled with more traditional cups.

How does a menstrual discs work?

Menstrual disks are worn internally as a tampon but they do not absorb period flow. The disc body is very soft but the rim is firmer to ensure the disc holds it's shape. It is held in place behind the public bone and allows you to go about your day as normal.

You can go walking, swimming or even have penetrative sex.

Discs are usually safe for wear for 8-12 hours and will collect menstrual blood during that time. You must ensure you empty and clean your disc within this time frame to minimise the risk of toxic shock syndrome. When you practice good hygiene there is very low risk of infection and the disc or cup can be safely worn for every period.

Can my menstrual disc get lost in me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Your cervix (opening to your uterus) blocks the way for anything to get past (apart from sperm). 

Is it uncomfortable to use a menstrual disc?

You shouldn't be able to feel the disc at all once it's in place.

Do I have to remove the menstrual disc when I go to the toilet?

No. You can go to the toilet as normal when wearing a menstrual disc. Some people prefer to remove their menstrual disc for a bowel movement but the choice is yours.

Does a period disc smell?

Absolutely NOT. Blood doesn't smell until it comes into contact with oxygen so unlike pads there won't be a smell as it's worn internally.  If you leave your disc in longer than 12 hours when it's removed there might be a slight smell but this will go with the blood being tipped away.

How often do you need to empty your menstrual disc?

This varies on your flow but on average 8-12 hours wear time is normal. Day 1 is more likely to be changed more frequently than the rest of your cycle.  If you have a very heavy cycle you may need to change more frequently. Remember menstural discs hold MORE than a tampon. 

Discs come in different sizes so change frequency is also influenced by the capacity of the disc.  Read our full article "How Often To Empty Your Menstrual Cup."

Can I put a menstrual discp in before my period starts?

YES!  This is one of the things I most love about my cup.  I've always had an irregular menstrual cycle varying from 5 weeks to 12 weeks (although much improved years ago having taken Agnus Castus).  I now use a period tracker so I get an estimated date from the app so when it's getting close I start using a menstrual cup and pop it in the morning just in case.  At the end of the day I check and I'm either still fine or surprise it's started!  No being unexpectedly caught out or stained underwear.  Using the cup was a real game changer for me with my irregular cycle. Full Details are found in our article "Can I Put My Menstrual Cup In Before My Period Starts."

Can you have sex with a menstrual disc in?

YES! The menstrual discs sit on the upper end of our vagina, under the cervix. Mess free sex is one of the main reasons people use a disc.

Many people who feel uncomfortable with period sex find they are happy to partake as the menstrual disc leaves them feeling cleaner and more confident.

Please be aware that even if menstrual discs lie below the cervix like diaphragms they can not be considered as birth control.

It is important to note that you can ONLY have sex with a menstrual disc and not a menstrual cup. The menstrual disc sits much higher than a cup so it is out of the way. A menstrual cut sits lower, is firmer and blocks the vaginal canal.  See our Separate article on "Sex and Menstrual Cups."

Can you use menstrual discs with an IUD?

Yes you can use most menstrual discs however be careful when removing so that you don't pull on the strings.

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Brilliant product, excellent service
26 May 2023  | 

Bought for my daughter who had temporarily misplaced her existing Nixit and this company had UK stock and fast delivery. Having previously suffered with painful, heavy periods, my daughter has found the shape of the Nixit ideal for her - when using it she gets far less cramping and pain, and much more moderate flow. She has previously used a different shaped menstrual cup as well as tampons and now swears by her Nixit I'm sure different products suit different people, but this has been a real life enhancer for my daughter.

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14 April 2023  | 

I am on the copper IUD and found that my flow was too heavy for a moon cup. The Nixit menstrual disc works amazingly. No need to wear a pad while using it like I previously had too with the moon cup. Feels way more comfortable than a tampon/ reusable pads. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to cut out disposal period products but previously couldn't bc of their heavy flow!

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Difficult to use but great on lighter days
04 April 2023  | 

I am a menstrual cup user but this was my first disk. I have a very high cervix, and I found it hard to insert the nixit disk far enough that it extended fully for a leak-free fit. It is either too soft or too large for me as on my heavier days it leaked with certain movements like standing up or bending over. However on my lighter days it stopped leaking! So either i got better at it or nixit just works better later in my period. It definitely has a learning curve and can be very messy! I reccomend new users take their time and always have a backup the first cycle. I'm going to give it another try my next cycle and fingers crossed it works well!

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