Help my cup is stuck!

On occasion you may find that your cup has travelled too high up and you are struggling to get it out.
First things first, RELAX.

Go and take a break for a moment and then come back.

  • Wash your hands
  • Get yourself into a comfortable position - squatting is a great position as it shortens the vaginal canal. If you are worried about any mess then place a towel underneath you.
  • Break the seal of the cup.

If you cannot reach your cup then try a series of small pushes with you vaginal muscles. Small pushes are more effective than bigger ones. Remember not to hold your breath as this will tense your muscles. Once your cup is within reach try and pinch the base and break the seal, this should help the cup slide out easier.

If you are still having trouble removing your cup and it has been in less than 8-10 hours then we recommend you stop, take a break, relax and try again. If your cup has been in longer or you continue to have issues we recommend you seek medical assistance.

It is important that we stress that this should not be a regular occurrence. If you are repeatedly having difficulty with removing your menstrual cup then you may benefit from a longer cup. We recommend you measure your cervix height; you can read how to do this in our cervix height article.

Once you've done that then fill out The Period Lady Questionnaire and we can help you choose the right product for your period.