How to Measure Your Cervix Height For A Menstrual Cup

Saturday, 6 February 2021

How to Measure Your Cervix Height For A Menstrual Cup

There are lots of things that go into finding the perfect cup for you as we discuss in our "Choose A Menstural Cup" article. One of the important factors is your cervix height. 

For many (myself included) measuring your cervix height is a new thing. Your cervix can actually move in your vaginal canal through our your monthly cycle with many people finding it lower in the vaginal canal at the start of your period. For this reason it is best to check your cervix height on the first day of your period. This can be a bit messy but you only really need to do it once and then you'll know.  We recommend doing this in the shower for easy clean up.

If you don’t know what your cervix feels like it feels spongey but firm bit of skin inside your vaginal canal. I’ve seen it described as feeling like the end of your nose.

To check your cervix height
1)Wash and dry your hands
2)Insert one or two fingers into the vaginal canal till you feel your cervix
It really is that simple!

How high is your cervix?
See our guide image above. 
If you could insert your full index finger before your felt your cervix or you couldn’t reach your cervix this would be classed as a high cervix. For cups for high cervix you can find suitable ones in our cups & high cervix article
If you reached your middle knuckle when you reached your cervix this would be considered an average cervix and you will most likely find that you can get on with most regular cups.
If your finger barely reached the first knuckle on your index finger then you will need a cup suitable for a low cervix and can find suitable ones in our cups & low cervix article.

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart.
Now that you know your cervix height. Go over and visit our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to find your perfect Menstrual Cup.

Written by Roisin Senior Advisor @ The Period Lady

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