How Long Does A Menstrual Cup Last?

How Long Does A Menstrual Cup Last?

A Menstrual Cup Lasts Up To 10 years

Most period cup brands say that with proper care their menstrual cups last for 10 years (making it an amazingly economical period solution comapred to disposable products). A few period cups brands recommend changing the cup every 1-2 years so check your product.

Menstrual cups are generally only used when your period is due or during the 3-7 days per menstrual cycle so as long as they are cared for correctly they go on and on.

Visually check your menstrual cup each month

We recommend going by sight and feel. Your peiod cup will be made of medical grade silicone.  If your cup isn’t cracked, turning chalky or sticky then it is safe to continue using. A discoloured cup doesn’t need to be replaced, you just need to boil and sterilise your cup.  Read our article on how to clean your cup, it'll soon look as good as new.

Most of us here at The Period Lady have been using a menstrual cup for many many years and they are still in perfect condition.  Read our article for a cost comparison between disposables and reusables to see how much you can save by using a cup.