How Many Pads Do You Need?

2 commentsSaturday, 6 February 2021

How Many Pads Do You Need?

This really varies woman to woman. It depends on the:
Length of your cycle,
How heavy you are
How your flow varies across the month.

If you already use disposable pads make a note of how many pads you use each day of your cycle i.e. 7 on a heavy day, 3 on a light day. Replace with the same amount of cloth pads per day x2 (to allow for washing).

As a general guide for a short and light cycle 6 daytime and 3 night time
Average length and flow 10 day pads and 4-5 night pads
Longer and heavier cycles 15 day pads and 6-7 night time pads.

Often people when they are first considering a move to cloth sanitary pads (csp) customers like to buy a starter kit .  Starter kits often contain a mix of pad absorbency so you can test them and find what level of absorbency you really need.  All the main brands offer these and we also offer our own kits made up of pads from a variety of companies.

Also read our article "How Long Do Cloth Pads Last,"  this can help you understand how you'll save money using cloth pads but also explains about how long they're likely to last depending on how many you have.

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