Periods and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Periods and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a huge spectrum of symptoms. Those diagnosed can find they have a mixture of symptoms. One of the common ones that we see here at The Period Lady is sensory issues relating to textures and fabrics when it comes to period protection.

Different period protection might be more suited to you depending on your sensory preference.

Benefit of Cups
One of the benefits of using cups is that you would only need to deal with the blood 2-3 times a day as a cup is worn internally and can be worn for 8 hours at a time. If you are sensitive to any additional layers in your underwear or a different material in your underwear then a cup could be a great solution for you. One of the disadvantages of using cups is that it requires you to have a more intimate knowledge of your body and can be fiddlier for teens to use. Read our article "choosing a menstrual cup".

Benefit of Period Pants
Period Underwear can be a great option for those with sensory issues in regards to feeling wet or the sight of blood. The majority of the period underwear we stock are black so sight is less of an issue. Period underwear can have an anti-wicking layer sewn into the gusset so you stay feeling nice and dry. Period pants can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time so the risk of needing to change them while out and about is less.  You can read more about the benefits of period pants in our article "advantages of using period pants".

Cloth Sanitary Pad
Cloth Sanitary Pad (CSP) fabric typically fall into two categories, stay dry or natural. Depending on your sensory needs there maybe one you prefer over the other.

  • Natural fabrics are usually made of cotton or bamboo. If you are sensitive to synthetic fabrics against your skin then this is a great option for you, the natural fibres can also mean that you feel cooler.
  • Stay dry fabrics tend to be microfleece or a polyester blended knit. If you are sensitive to feeling wet then using a pad with a stay dry layer will help you keep feeling nice and dry.

If the sight of blood is an issue for you then we have a few different types of pads that have a black topping. The Nora range of CSP come in an all-black design, or LA Petite Ourse are topped with charcoal fleece that helps to keep you feeling nice and dry.

If you are unsure what product will suit you best then you can complete our advice questionnaire with all your preferences and we can match a product to you.