Removing The Stem On A Menstrual Cup

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Removing The Stem On A Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are designed to sit completely within the vagina, this includes the stem. If you find that the stem is too long then this can be shortened or removed completely. This can reduce the overall length of the cup making it shorter to give and better and more comfortable fit. Signs that the stem may need shortening can include discomfort when sitting or walking, or a pinching feeling at the entrance of the vagina. The stem sticking out would also be another reason for it needing to be trimmed. If the cup and stem sit comfortably within the vagina then there is no need to trim the stem.

Removing or shortening the stem on a cup is very simple. Use a pair of scissors to cut the stem and reduce the height. It really is that simple.

If you are unsure how much of the stem to remove then we would suggest removing a small amount and trying it. You can always remove more if needed.

Once removed if there are any sharper edges then you can file these flat.  Doing this is not essential and many people find the cup comfortable without this step, however if you prefer you can do this so that any remaining stem or the base of the cup is completely smooth. If you do file the cup then make sure that you wash any dust/filings off before use. Knowing the height of your cervix can also help you find your perfect cup.  Read our guide for more help in choosing your menstrual cup.

We give the lengths/heights of cups with/without their stems on our menstrual cup comparison chart.  Our article on measuring your cervix will guide you how to do this.   Read our guide for more help in choosing your menstrual cup.

Written by Gina - Queen of Everything Social Media

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