Using Cloth Reusable Pads Post Partum

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

What is Lochia?
No matter how you give birth you will bleed following the delivery. This bleeding is called lochia and is the body’s way of getting rid of, blood, tissue and mucous from the uterus.
Lochia can be very heavy for the first 7 days post birth and then can be lighter bleeding or discharge for the following 6 weeks. It isn’t advised to use cups or tampons for lochia bleeding, instead heavy absorbent pads are recommended.
At the period lady we have different types of CSP specifically designed to be used for lochia. When we consider what pads we need for the post partum phase the most important factor is fast absorbency, high capacity and covers a large surface area for the first few days. Following that you can continue using regular pads.

Cloth Pads Fabric Types
For quick absorbing pads materials like velour, or minky can be great. Velour comes in cotton and bamboo and minky is a synthetic material so if you prefer a more natural product then stick with the
cotton or bamboo velour.
Our top pads in these fabrics are
Red Rags 12inch PP Wide
Pink Daisy Organic Cotton
Bare and Boho Ultra Heavy
These pads have been specifically designed to cope with lochia in the first few days. If these pads are outside of your price range then there are some other great alternative and high on our list is Bloom
and Nora Range, especially the Bloom Mighty Pad.

Following the initial heavy lochia, you can continue to bleed for approximately 4-6 weeks following the birth of your baby.
From approx. day 3-7 onwards you can move to regular pads (you can use your own stash if you already have some).
There are two main types of fabrics that people prefer for this next stage. The more natural fabrics like jersey cotton or a fleece topped pad. Many find that they prefer a more natural breathable fabric against their skin and others prefer the stay dry properties of a fleece topped pad.

Some of our handmade pads are really popular for this stage, the jersey cotton top is soft and gentle against your sensitive skin such as red rags or eco rainbow. If you are keen for a more stay dry feeling then Charlie Banana, Baba and Boo, or Mama Designs can be a great option for you.
For this stage we would recommend a stash of approximately 10 pads. This means that you can wash every other day and have one or two as back up if you fall behind on the washing.  For a guide to quantities once you're back to regular periods read our article "How Many Pads Do I Need?"

If you are going into hospital and are worried about storing used pads while in there you may prefer to use disposable pads, especially as you will bleed quite heavily for the first 24hours. Many women like the convenience of disposable pads but can find them uncomfortable and such sensitive skin post birth. Eco disposables can be a great alternative. &Sisters is a brand of Eco disposables made from organic cotton, the lack of perfume and harsh chemicals means that are great for the most delicate of skin.

Period Pants
Although you will not be able to use period pants alone for the initial stage of lochia, they are a great option to provide back up all round protection against leaks. Some of our High Waisted range are great if you’ve had a c-section. Our most popular Period Pants are WUKA or Cheeky Mama.

For advice on washing and caring for your CSP we have a dedicated washing csp article

If you want further advise on using CSP for postpartum use then please email us on

Written by Roisin - Senior Advisor @The Period Lady

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